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RSS Mixer is a simple way to combine multiple RSS feeds into one single feed. (530) 695-7254

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use RSSMixer.com?

It's very important to us that our service is affordable. To that end, we offer a free plan. The features of which tend to be enough for most users, but we have paid plans too. Here is a price comparison chart:

Free Plan Basic Plan Pro Plan Expert Plan
1 Mixed Feed
Updated Daily
5 Mixed Feeds
Every Other Hour
10 Mixed Feeds
Updated Hourly
30 Mixed Feeds
Updated Hourly
3 Source URLs
Per Mixed Feed
10 Source URLs
Per Mixed Feed
15 Source URLs
Per Mixed Feed
20 Source URLs
Per Mixed Feed
No Fee
$2.00 / Month
Paid Annually
$4.00 / Month
Paid Annually
(347) 503-5901
Paid Annually

Pre-sale questions? Contact us: 2896683752

Is RSS Mixer a feed reader?

No. RSS Mixer is less a feed reader and more a feed publisher. We take multiple RSS feeds and create a new combined version of all those feeds. Many feeds; one address. That's the idea.

Why use RSS Mixer if it is not a reader?

There are many use cases of combined feeds. One of them is use with a feed reader. We recommend RSS Feed Aggregator, but you are free to use our feeds however you want. They are compatible with many services.

Whether it be for following a news topic, running a social media account, or overcoming a unique software limitation. We've found you either need RSSMixer.com or you don't.

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